For sale 42 Turboshafts for Chinnok CH47-B T-55-l-712 from the Spanish Army Used, in good condition and well preserved.


The Spanish Army has started a process to select buyers of 42 helicopter turbines Chinook B-CH47 (21 units of T-SS-L-712 and 21 units T-SS-L-712SjSC) with the following goals:

1. Achieve the highest economic return possible of the alienation .
2. Comply with the Law and make sure that the buyers comply with al! the guarantee req uisites.
3. Since this sale is of equipment acquired through the Foreign Military Sales program, it is subject to third party transfer authorization from the US Government, so the whole process must follow the Third Party Transfer program
4. Comply with national and international standards in the trade of military and dual-use materials.

Surus Inversa performs the function of selecting potential buyers worldwide at an international level that comply with the requirements indicated by the Army. The sale will be made directly by the Army to the company which, apart from complying with all the requisites, offers the highest economic arnount.

This equipment was removed during the upgrade process that took place during 2009 and 2010 and has been maintained subject to procedures in pressurized containers and checks have been made every 6 months. (See maintenancejconservation" section to see the work carried out/perforrned in detail).

The engines will be allotted in batches/Iots and the interested buyers may make an offer for 1 or more ofthem. The number of batches/Iots has not yet been defined but buyers will be notified with sufficient time so the interested parties can decide with full guarantees.

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  • Technical manual
  • Equipment List
  • Equipment Documentation
    Enclose an example of existing documentation for each of the items. Interested companies should request access to the complete information set filling the contact form.
    After analyzing the access request a Dropbox folder link will be forwarded. Only companies related to the aerospace and defence market will be granted and with email addresses with the company domain.


All equipment has been kept and preserved according to standard work instructions of the ET. Attached certificate of maintenance as an example of some elements.
Preservation ceritification

Dimensions (without container)
Overall Length . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48.53 inches/123 cm
Nominal Diameter . . . . . . . . . . . . 28.72 inches/73cm/
Weight (Dry) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Pounds (Approx.) 318 kg
Turboshafts has been stored into two different containers:
Lenght: 180 cm
Width: 101,5 cm
Height: 108 cm

New upgraded containers
Lenght: 183 cm
Width: 102 cm
Height: 127 cm


The turbine inspection can be made in the Colmenar base during the last week of July. Requests must be submitted 72 hours prior to the visit (Spanish citizens) and one week before for foreign citizens. Interested parties must send an email to indicating the subject and will then receive the relevant information to complete. (Section 2)

During that week the composition of the batches and the units per batch will be designated. Those interested parties will have 10 days to submit the required documentation, request the EUC and pay a deposit of 20% of the starting price of the batches upon which they wish to participate. The starting price of each turbine is 15.000 Euros. Economic proposals below this amount will not be accepted.

The EUC request can take up to two months for those companies that have not requested it in the past and around two weeks for those who have. If the EUC does not approve the request, the guarantee will be returned within a maximum of 20 days.

For all those companies that have all the proper documentation, a user id and password will be sent so the offer can be made via the web The offers will be made in Euros. The placement of offers will be made under the "sealed envelope"/sealed bids method, which means that the offer is only known by the bidder. The system will alert you if your offer is the highest at that moment. If you're outbid by another company an email will also be sent indicating this. You can make as many offers as you wish (as long as they are higher than the previous one). Once the proposal reception deadline is reached, each bidder must send a stamped and signed document with the offer made using the model provided. This process must be observed by all bidders who wish to confirm their offer (if this step is not followed the offer will not be considered).

All relevant documentation together with the offers made will be sent to the Land Army's Alienation Board who will decide those awarded with each batch and will request the property transfer to the US DoS. Once the approval has been received, 15 days will be given to deposit the final guarantee (20% of the final value of the bid minus the guarantee deposited at the beginning of the process), a payment shall be made for the full amount of the awarded value and a 10% buyer's premium fee to SURUS Inversa. When all these aspects have been covered, the ET will make the final batch allotment.


Technical solvency: Obtaining the EUC is sufficient guarantee to prove the buyer's technical solvency. Economic solvency: A statement of the global business volume in the corresponding field of aeronautical equipment marketing activities, referring to maximum the last three financial years available depending on the date of creation or start of business date. For foreign companies: Solemn statement to submit to the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts and tribunals of any order, for all incidents which may arise directly or indirectly from the contract, waiving, where appropriate, the foreign jurisdiction that may correspond to the bidder.

Foreign companies belonging to the Hague Convention signatory countries, dated October 5th, 1961, which abolishes the requirement of legalization of foreign public documents, may replace the legalization of documents with the formality of certifying the convention apostille provided in the afore-mentioned agreement.

All submitted documentation is officially translated to Spanish (castellano).

- The participating companies must provide the following aspects that prove the company's capacity to act, in accordance with article 61 of the LCSP and Articles 9 and 10 of RGLCAP, that is:

  1. The entrepreneur's capacity to act as a legal entity shall be evidenced by the incorporation deed or document, the statutes or Articles of Incorporation, where the rules governing their activities is stated, duly registered, if applicable, in the corresponding Public Registry, depending on the type of legal entity concerned.
  2. Sufficient powers granted when acting on behalf of a legal entity accredited by a certified copy of said faculties.
  3. For the individual entrepreneur it is mandatory to present the National Identity Card or, if applicable, the document in lieu of it or a specific authorization so the Ministry of Defence can check the identity details with the appropriate body of the Central Government Administration for the purposes of this application, according to the Government Presidential Decree 3949/2006, dated 26th December, where it states at least the authorization date, the ID card number and the interested party's signature. Furthermore, those who appear or sign proposals on behalf of another will also have to present the powers granted to this effect.
  4. Physical or legal entities from countries that are not members of the European Union must present the following documentation:
    1. National Identity Card or passport.
    2. Proof by means of a report from the respective Spanish Permanent Diplomatic Mission that the country of origin of the foreign company allows, in turn, the participation of Spanish companies to make contracts with the Administration and with entities, agencies or public sector entities equivalent to those enumerated in the LCSP Art. 3, in substantially similar form.

- Statement of responsibility from the buying company/entrepreneur of not being banned from contracting with the Government Administration in accordance to the Art. 49 of the LCSP Government contract capacity and the absence of any disabling condition. This statement will expressly include the circumstance of being up-to-date with all tax and social security payments imposed by the current provisions, notwithstanding the fact that the supporting justification for such a requirement should be requested prior to the final award for those who will be awarded the contract.

If following the relevant allotment and before or after the formalization of the contract, the falseness of these statements are discovered, its resolution will be agreed upon, without prejudice of bringing the matter to the court's attention. In this case the buyers would lose the provisional securities.


As it is a sale of equipment originated from the FMS Foreign Military Sales program, the ET must make a petition to the US DoS via the ODC. The companies that wish to participate must have the security assurances and should therefore submit a request to obtain the EUC. The written request must include contact details of the private entity's representative.

The security assurances must be submitted to the ET as part of the buyer's documentation.
Interested parties must request the Transfer Authorization to the US Department of State referred to the current sale.

To obtain this document the Spanish bidders must submit the following documentation in the Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) in Madrid on the dates indicated in the planning. US companies can make the request directly to the DLA.

a. Private Entity End Use Assurance - According to the template in Annex I, signed by the bidder's authorized representative with sufficient powers of representation.
b. Detailed plan of the end use of the turbines (use, sale to third parties, storage, etc).

The ODC address in Madrid is:
Mr. D. Lawrence Smith
End Use Monitoring Manager
US Office of Defense Cooperation
Cuartel General del Ejército del Aire
Romero Robledo 8
28015 - Madrid
91 543 28 49

Once the previously mentioned documentation has been submitted, the ODC will request the Country over Private Entity document to the Dirección General de Armamento y Material de MINISDEF (DGAM), who must expressly authorize or reject the bidder's participation in the proceedings. Once the Country over Private Entity EUA from DGAM has been obtained, the ODC will make a request to the US Department of State for the Transfer Authorization, document that will be made available to the bidders and that should be submitted together with the rest of administrative documents from this clause.


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